July 18, 2024

Identifying the best Melbourne criminal lawyers is important for those facing police scrutiny. Skilled solicitors in this field of law all share common traits that make them ideal candidates for someone seeking professional advocacy and consultation in police matters.

Conviction can jeopardise your freedom, right to travel overseas and potential employability should a case be proven against you. Whether you are making a plea deal, applying for bail or seeking advocacy in a courtroom, you’ll benefit greatly from hiring one of Melbourne’s criminal lawyers.

Let’s take a look at some tips you can use to help contact criminal lawyers in Melbourne.

Take a look at their experience

Experience is of great importance in the legal profession and it’s understandable that you would want the aid of a solicitor who has helped people in your situation before. In fact, many firms will boast about the many decades their practitioners have studied law with the best Melbourne criminal lawyers have helped hundreds of clients over 40+ years of service.

It’s not only enough to have a robust legal education, the best barristers and solicitors have practised in big city firms or managed their own business for a long time. They’ve helped people like you hundreds of times before and can quickly give you a series of options to move forward with.

After a brief look over your case, experienced Melbourne criminal lawyers will be able to give you a realistic and honest rundown of how thing will likely proceed. This gives you a better chance of achieving the best outcome possible in your circumstances.

Get a feel for their legal philosophy

The best Melbourne criminal lawyers will carry out their cases based around a strong set of principles that guide their work. This is because criminal defence is so often ignorantly simplified as defending criminals from justice.

The truth is that defence solicitors are essential to the functioning of a free and democratic society. They protect the rights of people against potential abuses by the police who might otherwise be able to prosecute people in unjust ways.

Melbourne criminal lawyers are well aware of their city’s history with organised crime and understand that the increased vigilance of law enforcement requires increased vigilance from them. Criminal law is a two-way street and the best solicitors have adopted well-developed principles to inform the work they do.

Understand how they work

Melbourne criminal lawyers all have their own individual methods of working that are appealing to different kinds of client. Some solicitors will be heavily involved in every aspect of the case while others may outsource work to paralegals so they can focus on other elements.

It’s important that the solicitor is attentive to the needs of their client who may be in an incredibly challenging period of their life. Melbourne criminal lawyers understand the emotions that their clients are dealing with and do their best to calm them down, helping them to understand the best legal path forward.

In this way, skilled Melbourne criminal lawyers are also pseudo-counsellors for their clients, able to translate their feelings into an actionable legal plan. Professional solicitors are unconcerned with conjecture about the guilt of their client and only care about what is provable in a courtroom.

Gauge their costs

A good solicitor will have a pricing structure that allows them to dedicate sufficient time to your case without breaking the bank. Many defence solicitors will adjust their pricing based on the complexity of the case and how many witnesses may be involved.

You should always be cautious of a solicitor who promises the ideal result you are looking for. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. It’s important to do your research if you want to find the best Melbourne criminal lawyers for you.