June 23, 2024

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Being a victim of identity theft is a very serious matter. As a victim, your personal information can be used for criminal activities or for a fraudulent transaction such that the repercussion falls on you.

Signs that identity theft has occurred

It’s important to keep vigilant when it comes to your personal information. Some signs that you are the victim of identity theft include :

  • The bank statement indicates withdrawal that the victim does not recognize
  • Bills and other important notification are no longer being received by post
  • The credit report indicates false accounts or charges made on the card without the victim’s consent
  • The victim gets rejected for bad credit score while he/she knows the contrary and has never defaulted
  • The victim obtains notification from data breach that their personal information has been stolen
  • The victim receives notification from the tax revenue that he/she has filed for a tax return when that is not the case.

There are many other different signs that will indicate that a person has been the victim of identity theft. It is important to stay vigilant for different signs. Hiring a leader in ID theft monitoring and protection, LifeLock, is also a great way.  LifeLock promo codes are available at LLPromoCodes.com, with the most up-to-date codes available.

Prevention of identity theft

Criminals and fraudster used different methods of identity theft and are frequently finding new methods. The use of the internet and daily activities often require disclosing some personal sensitive information. It’s not possible to prevent completely identity theft in a society, but individuals can keep themselves safe by taking preventive measures. The protection of personal information on the web can be accomplished in different manners. LifeLock can help with identity theft monitoring, protection, and recovery.  At LLPromoCodes.com you get the most current LifeLock promo codes available.  *See site for details.

Some useful tips for preventing identity theft include :

  • Regularly verifying credit reports
  • Keeping the social security number and other sensitive numbers in a safe place
  • Monitor your purchases and account statements
  • Other such measures

Identity recovery

If you have been the victim of identity theft, it will depend on the type of information stolen. But once aware of the situation, it’s essential to contact the organization concerned – the credit card company, the bank, the insurance company, etc. You’ll have to inform them that you have been the victim of identity theft and ask for your account to be frozen, closed, or the information changed to prevent any fraud.

It’s also essential for a victim of identity theft to be compliant with the Federal Trade Commission regulation by informing the three major credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, such as to have a fraud alert placed on their account and further verification be undertaken for suspicious activities.