July 12, 2024

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Trying to keep up with constant changes within in the DACA, is enough to confuse anybody including citizens who don’t need to make use of any immigration laws or don’t even need to be in the DACA.

This was of course before President Donald J Trump decided to close the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals campaign, which has left over 800 000 adolescents without access to any form of legal employment and make them largely at risk to be deported.

In some cases of the deportation happening some of these young adults are being sent back to their country of ethnic origin, which is a place that they have never been to in their life as they were born in the USA, which means that the only reason why they are being deported is due to the fact that their parents whom could be dead or alive were not citizens of the USA when they gave birth to their children.

So what can you do?

One of the best options for you as a young adult or parent who is currently on a list of people who are going to be deported is to make sure that you make use of a Los Angeles DACA lawyer, who will help you find what options you have available to stop being deported.

What options do you have?

Depending what your currently living agreements are, you have the option of being able to marry your partner if they have a legitimate US citizen or Permanent Resident. However, this option is not your best bet to make sure that you are not deported, nor is it the best option to make use of if you can into the US under inspection.

U Visa

A U Visa only applies to people who have been victims of a crime which took place in the US and has resulted in the victim receiving a severe injury. To apply for a U Visa the victim will have to agree to help the police in the investigation.


Asking for Asylum might seem like an option if your DACA status has expired, and it is a request that if invoked will be allowed, however, your claim will be investigated by the immigration police and your ethnic background will be checked and what political background you had back in your originally country will be looked at, so it’s best not to ask for Asylum if there are no threats to take your life when you get back into your country of origin.

Final thoughts

With the removal of DACA, Trump has created a rift between many families and communities, so of the people affected have never been to the countries which they are now facing being deported to, for all of the people who now face this issue it can be a traumatic experience, and to get the right help is a difficult task to begin with as some of the options which are available are extremely difficult to get to work in your favor.