July 18, 2024

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Want to learn about the possibilities of becoming a permanent resident (“Green card holder,”)? Based on our first-hand experiences with immigration cases, we have noticed a trend in cases where individuals have not been fully informed of immigration laws, process and forms; and unfortunately causes problems in their immigration cases. Hiring an attorney with immigration license and experience will help you apply correctly to change your legal status.

If you want to change your immigration status in the United States, it is important to be properly informed of what you can expect from the process. Some of the reasons why you should seek help from a licensed immigration attorney are:

A licensed lawyer and who practices immigration laws is familiar with and updated with the problems that may arise in each case. It is extremely important to answer each question correctly on the immigration forms. The questions are difficult and can’t be answered as simply as one thinks. Any misinformation can complicate your case and result in a delay or denial.

Before starting your case first:

– Consult with an immigration lawyer to help you find a solution for your case.
– Investigate before applying to change your immigration status in the United States, find out if you qualify. There are several ways to obtain legal status, to ensure how to qualify and how the process is. Each case and process is different. Every detail of the case can completely change your process, be specific so that your lawyer can evaluate your case and help you properly.

Whatever your barrier to change your status, make sure you work with experienced lawyers who have handled many cases. Immigration cases vary greatly and we can’t hang luck on one or more of the parameters.