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Insurance Company Tricks You Need To Know After a Car Accident

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Every car insurance policy works on “use it or lose it” policy. From the day one Insurance companies wants you to have trust on them, and the benefits are on your side. Their friendly behavior and commercials feature will tell you that they are helpful. 

All the insurance companies use lots of different tactics and words to make you believe and accept lowest offer possible. However, you should always keep it in mind that their claim is far from their truth. To fight your insurance claim and get most of the money possible, you should know some common insurance tricks. You can read good blogs, like Take My Counsel, to know certain tactics most claim adjusters follow. Here are also some tricks and Insurance Claim Adjuster Secrets discussed:

Friendly behavior of the Insurance Adjuster: After an accident if you make the claim on insurance policy, then you can get a call from that specific insurance company. The adjuster will show concern but don’t believe in their kindness because the more information you share the more that claim adjuster can use against you by reducing the settlement offer.

Settling the claim can take a lot of time: Insurance companies already have designed questions for you whether the damages after your car crash need to solve urgently or not when the truth is you can’t wait forever for claiming the damages. If the damages are minor or major with medical costs, never settle quickly. It will be better to speak with attorney in your case. A personal injury lawyer can be a better help than fighting all alone.

They know their settlement offer is low: when an insurance adjuster quickly gives you an offer, be careful because they know it’s a low offer. All insurance companies have a specific “deny first” strategy – it means even if your claim is valid still they may deny it first. They know this strategy can give them legal trouble but they still do this to save money. Delaying your claim keeps the money in their pockets. That is why throughout the negotiation process they just trick you by earning interest from your money and making the profit on you.