July 18, 2024

No matter the type or types of law you practice, it is important that prospective clients know about you.

With that in mind, what are you doing to be noticed for all the right reasons?

While you may not have a big budget to work with, it is important that some of your spending goes for you to be seen and heard.

So, is your law firm being heard?

Don’t Be Shy About Spreading the Word

In your efforts to be seen and heard, remember a few keys.

They include:

  1. Marketing – How much time and money are you spending on marketing your law firm? In the event you said not a lot to either, this needs to change sooner than later. With that being the case, you may well find that reaching out to a marketing company is your best bet. While you may decide to do some marketing within, do you have the time or expertise to do it on a full-time basis? Chances are the answer is going to be no. This is especially the case if you are a smaller firm and do not have a lot of manpower to work with. As such, finding a well-established marketing company to do the work for you makes sense. Whether you look to Legal Legends or another company, take the time to investigate. Chances are you will see what you’ve been missing out on by not having a good marketing firm behind you all this time.
  2. Social media – While you may have turned to a marketer for much or all your marketing, are you into social media? With that in mind, there is no reason you should not be taking advantage of social media on a regular basis. As an example, do you do any posting on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram? All can help boost your exposure in the legal community. If you are in fact doing some or much of your own social networking, be sure to be active on a regular basis. Too many brands make the mistake of only using social media on a casual basis. In doing so, they miss the chance to build up a following and improve their rankings online. Posting several times a week is better than no social posts at all.
  3. Client testimonials – Last, have you spent time and effort in doing client testimonials? Such testimonials should always come with the full willingness of any client. If you do have the approval of a client for a testimonial, this can be a powerful visual tool to attract more clients. When prospective clients hear from one that you helped, it can swing them in your direction. In making such a testimonial, keep it short. One that is too long may lose the attention of potential clients. You also want to be sure you have your law firm’s phone number and website appear towards the end of the testimonial. This will make it easier for you in the pursuit of growing your law firm.

When you need to get your firm heard what steps do you take to do this?