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What do you mean by release of mechanic lien?

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When a carpenter or plumber, or any other trade person works at your home, they want to be sure that they are paid. They may not be working with the homeowner directly, but have been hired by the general contractor in order to do work. What should these hard working subcontractors do if they are not paid by the contractor? Mechanic`s lien is the term that is what they can file against the property. This lien gives the lien holder an assurance that they will be paid by giving them a claim against the real property. In other words you can say that a lien uses the property as security.

How to protect yourself with a release of lien?

If you want to protect yourself against this troublesome issue, then the best thing is to adopt the release of mechanic`s lien, mechanic`s lien release form, or mechanic`s lien waiver and use them defensively, before the problem starts. There are agencies that provide Lien Waiver that can be printed and immediately used.  The good thing is that the process is not complicated. It is much similar to receipt. This is to state that you have paid the contractor what is owed, payment is accepted by them in full, and they waive the right to put a lien on your property. You need to simply give this form to the subcontractor with your payment and ask them to sig it and make sure that you get their signature.

Basically handing over mechanic`s lien release is a straight forward process that takes place all through the construction project. You have to consider the timing of payments and the document`s type so as to decide if it is something you are not uncomfortable.

After reading the above article, I am sure you have got the clear idea of mechanic’s lien release.