July 19, 2024

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Whether you are moving back to your home country or want to explore other life and job opportunities, moving abroad can be an incredible, unforgettable adventure for everyone involved. Contradictory to popular opinion, relocating to another country with children involved is entirely possible and could be the greatest gift you ever give them. As long as you move with the right intentions and provide stability, moving abroad can present kids with amazing experiences that a classroom would never be able to replicate.

How Age Plays a Part

The ease of transitioning to a new country with language barriers and different customs will depend largely on the age of your children. Young children are highly adaptable and can learn new languages more easily than older children. As long as you provide young kids with stability and positivity during the move, they will generally adjust very quickly. Because they have not built up a long history of friendships or connections to their native country, they may even feel closer to their new country of residence after a few years. Although this can raise concerns if you plan to return back to your native country at some point, your child will likely be bilingual and well-versed in cultural richness and diversity.

Older children may have a more difficult time than their younger counterparts. As long as you support one another unconditionally as a family and provide your children with the resources they need to thrive, older children will be able to grow and flourish. It’s important to keep conversations with older children open so that they are able to express their concerns and worries openly. This way you are able to provide them with reassurance and guidance while developing a stronger bond than you’ve ever had with them before.  

Find Family-Friendly Communities in the Area

Create a family-friendly environment for your children right off the bat by researching school districts and safe neighborhoods in the area you are relocating to. Enroll your children in extracurricular activities to help them meet new friends and encourage self-confidence. Sports can be a wonderful outlet for kids living in a new country because they are so universal.

Set an Example

When relocating with children, it is important to be their biggest role model. Absorb yourself into the culture and customs. If applicable, learn the language and foster new friendships of your own. Even if you have doubts and worries, it is important to remain positive and upbeat about the move and new country. Children are highly sensitive to their environment and feed off the energy they are surrounded by.

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