June 20, 2024

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The conversations we have about car accidents aren’t always accurate. We tend to think that they must involve lots of loud noises, like the sound of screeching tires and shattering glass. We believe that they’re always dramatic, but the worst car accidents can be eerily quiet. How they look in movies and TV shows has little to do with how they actually look in real life.

That’s one of many reasons why using pop culture as a reference point for car crashes isn’t a good idea. Here are three myths about car accidents that don’t always get recognized for the fiction they are.

You’ll know right away if you’re injured

Once your car comes to a full stop, the first thing you do is instinctive: you try to figure out whether or not you’ve been hurt, and if so, how bad it is. That’s an important survival instinct, but there’s such a thing as delayed car accident injuries. You may have a condition like whiplash and not even realize it until a day or two later when you get stiff and sore. That’s alarming, but other injuries like internal bleeding are even more worrisome, and they can kill you if you don’t receive immediate medical attention.

If a car accident is more than a fender bender, there’s a good chance that an ambulance will be sent to the scene. They may want to treat you, but you can decline if you truly feel like you’re okay. If you’re worried about the cost of an ambulance ride, then it’s worth getting a friend to drive you to the hospital emergency room so you can avoid those sky-high ambulance costs. This is assuming that your injuries don’t seem serious, though. If your leg is twisted at an unnatural angle, then you need to get in the ambulance now and worry about the medical bills later.

Only greedy people file lawsuits after a car accident

A lawyer can help you after a car accident, but so many people fear calling a personal injury attorney because they think it makes them look greedy and conniving. But car accident attorneys represent people whenever they believe there’s a legitimate complaint, so you shouldn’t worry that your attorney will take you for a ride because they’re seeing dollar signs. If you find a trustworthy attorney, then you can let them handle the dizzying amounts of paperwork and legal jargon that pop up when you’re dealing with your insurance company.

Car accident lawsuits won’t give you the cash for luxuries like outdoor swimming pools and sports cars. Depending on your injuries, you could get enough of a settlement to pay for a local rehabilitation clinic, but you aren’t going to be walking around in mink coats simply because of an insurance settlement. A free case review can help clear up any misconceptions you have about the personal injury lawsuit process.

Insurance companies are on your side

Once your immediate health situation is under control, you need to contact your automobile insurance company to report your accident. If possible, you should make this call within a few hours so your insurance company can start investigating your claim. Unfortunately, the investigation may not turn out the way you want it to. Insurance companies love to run reassuring commercials about how they only want the best for you and your family, but they also have a business to run, and they might make decisions which favor their bottom line over your personal interests.

That’s one reason why you should avoid making certain statements to your insurance company right off the bat. Don’t say “I’m not hurt” unless a doctor has checked you out and determined that you truly walked away from the car accident without a scratch. Unfortunately, even mentioning the word “whiplash” can send up red flags among insurance agents who fear you’re trying to con them into a settlement. That said, you still want them to investigate and you want to be honest with them, because their coverage will come in handy in the long run.