July 12, 2024

The process of selecting and purchasing a new car can be daunting. However, your problems don’t stop once you buy your preferred car. Other issues such as reliability, dependability, car performance, and the overall experience will quickly become top concerns that you have to deal with from time to time. No one wants to purchase a car only to end with recurring maintenance issues that can turn their brand new huge purchase and financial commitment into some sought of big scrap metal.

Lemon cases are common all over the world, and there is nothing as stressful as owning a lemon car. You make countless trips to a mechanic shop sometimes dealing with the same old problem. The question that most people tend to ask themselves is: what is the probability of a lemon car landing you in courts? The odds of ending up in a court with a lemon case depend on a number of issues, key among them being the type of car that you purchase.

As California Lemon Law experts, we have statistics that can help you understand which car models are mostly affected with lemon cases and which ones are the least affected. We have pulled out every breach of warranty case file in the United States of America over the years and came up with some interesting facts.

What Are the Chances of Getting a Lemon on Particular Manufacturers?

Lemons are usually cars with serious reliability concerns which can either relate to a single recurring issue or a longer list of less severe problems that will come at different times. Below are the odds of getting a lemon based on various car manufacturers.

Toyota Produces the Least Number of Lemons

Toyota is a brand name that is known to assemble robust and long-lasting cars which are highly reliable. In a study conducted by AutoGuide Group in 2016, Toyota topped other leading car manufacturers in manufacturing the least number of lemons. According to the published results of the survey, Toyota Company averages a mere one reported case of lemon per 11,655,566 cars produced and sold.

Honda, Mercedes Benz, and BMW also did well. For instance, the Honda was second placed with an average of one lemon case reported for every 2, 782, 495 cars produced and sold while Mercedes Benz averaged one lemon case for every 2,055,495 vehicles produced.

Fiat is the Producer of Lemons

According to the same report by AutoGuide Group, Fiat reported the highest number of lemons produced averaging a lemon for every 76,808 cars manufactured and sold. Cadillac and Porsche also had a high number of reported lemon cases averaging one for every 103,167 vehicles produced in the case of Cadillac and one for every 126,376 for the Porsche.

What Do You Do If You Discover that Your Car Is a Lemon?

Manufacturers are never keen on lemon claims, and they will always try to avoid them or settle the matter quickly without giving the consumers the right compensation that they legally deserve. California Lemon Law Attorneys can help you get the right compensation since the manufacturers will take your case more seriously. Contact us today if you think your vehicle is a lemon, and we will gladly help you get the right compensation that you deserve.