July 18, 2024

Are you a practicing attorney? And do you need to complete a certain number of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses per year to retain your licence to practice law?

Before we look at reasons why you should sign up for continuing legal education at The Knowledge Group, let’s have a look at a brief definition of Continuing Legal Education.

What is CLE?

Succinctly stated, Continuing Legal Education is mandatory education courses that are designed to address the professional development requirements in order to stay current and up to date with the latest developments in all aspects of the law and practicing law. Practising attorneys only need to attend these courses once they have been admitted to the bar.

It is vital for legal experts in many US states and other countries like the Philippines across the globe to attend a predetermined number of these courses in order to retain their licence to practice law.

Why sign up with The Knowledge Group

There are always a number of competing companies in any sector across all industries like education, retail, and manufacturing. Therefore, the question that needs to be asked and answered is: Why should you complete your annual CLE requirements through The Knowledge Group?

By way of answering this question, let’s look at a few of these reasons (in no order of importance):

Industry-leader in the CLE field

The Knowledge Group is the industry leader in the Continuing Legal Education field. They have the skill, knowledge, and experience to deliver relevant, high-quality course-content that is presented in a simple, uncluttered manner.

Extract the salient information

It is a well-known fact that we live in the Information Age. Thus, there are vast amounts of information on every known topic that are available for consumption.

Also, legal documents are sometimes filled with jargon that is complex and difficult to understand, no matter how learned you are. Consequently, it is challenging to find the exact material you require in a short space of time.

Therefore, the question that begs is how do you sift through this information to find the content that is relevant to your legal specialisation without wasting a lot of time reading through meaningless, useless information?

The simple answer to this complex question is to find a service provider whom you trust to extract and present the pertinent information in a manner that is easy to understand and consume.

Accredited CLE-content provider

Because you need to accumulate a certain number of continuing education points per annum, it is vital to ensure that you attend courses (virtual or physical) through an accredited service provider. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time, even if the content is good.

Why an accredited service provider?

Succinctly stated, a company that offers an accredited service is a business that has subjected their course content to rigorous scrutiny by the country’s (or US state’s) professional legal organisation like the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP).

Therefore, as an attorney, you need to submit evidence that you have complied with the number of pre-determined continuing education courses held by the accredited course provider.