July 18, 2024

Misaligned teeth were traditionally treated using braces with wires and brackets. However, clear aligners or invisible aligners are used more often to treat misaligned teeth. These aligners use a gradual force just like the force used in the case of braces, but here the gradual force is used for teeth movement without brackets and wires. 

Clear aligners in Coconut Creek are made up of a strong plastic material. For every patient, a customized clear aligner is created. Each tooth moves in the desired manner, and the same aligners are worn until the desired position of the teeth has been achieved. 

Who is a good candidate for clear aligners? 

Patients with misaligned, broken, crooked, gapped, crowded, or spaced teeth can opt for clear aligners. However, after a complete physical examination of your teeth, a dentist may suggest whether you are an eligible candidate for clear aligners or not. 

If you have had braces in childhood and as an adult, you still wish to enhance the appearance of your teeth, you may consider clear aligners as your teeth have already moved up to some extent and require only slight movement. 

What are the benefits of clear aligners? 

Clear aligners have now replaced the traditional braces. If someone wants to improve their appearance or correct their smile without the help of wires and brackets, they can opt for clear aligners. A clear aligner offers the following advantages over traditional braces. 

  • Clear aligners can be removed at any time. Therefore, you can easily remove them, brush and floss them, and later wear them again. 
  • You can easily clean a clear aligner. 
  • Clear aligners do not irritate gums and cheeks. 
  • Prevent tooth from grinding. 
  • You can easily remove them and attend a party Or a meeting. Once done, you can wear clear aligners again. 

How do clear aligners help? 

Clear aligners gradually move the teeth in the desired position, just like braces. However, clear aligners are removable and more convenient. Moreover, clear aligners are invisible, so they improve the appearance of teeth without being much noticed. 

How much do clear aligners cost? 

The cost of clear aligners differs from patient to patient. The cost generally depends upon the severity of the case, the number of aligners required, and the enhancement required. The cost of clear aligners typically varies from 500-1000$.

To get to know the entire cost of clear aligners for your treatment, you can contact a dentist. Once you have been diagnosed thoroughly, an estimated cost can be calculated, and generally, the final cost of a clear aligner treatment lies somewhere near the estimated cost.