July 12, 2024

Marijuana was once so sought after that the word assassin is derived from the word hash, and the people who could be paid in this valuable product to assassinate people or fight wars as mercenaries. Vikings and Germans utilized the drug to alleviate toothaches and birth pain, and I know that it works because I have used it for toothaches myself. 

Additionally, its use was found to have originated in Asia because prehistoric fire pits have the remnants of cannabis in them, but since its earliest inception, it has been used as a medicine. The evilness that has been placed on marijuana has only existed for a little more than 50 years. There are two main subspecies, but some would argue that ruderalis is a standard subspecies, and this becomes more true as the beneficial properties of the ruderalis plant is being crossed with strains that have heavier structure and THC content. a

Ruderalis has the special ability to flower without being directed by a change in the amount of sunlight that is available at certain times of the year. The plants begin their growth signaled by an ever increasing amount of sunlight. As these sunlight hours continue to lengthen, the plant switches from a growth stage. As the days then come to their longest point and then descend in the available amount of hours of sunlight, flowering is signaled as the sunlight declines in a significant amount in the fall and towards winter. 

If this plant were impregnated by a male plant, the demise in hours would signal the plants to begin dying, and this phase would cause it to produce seeds in order to propagate the species. However, in the growing process, this fertilization process is thwarted by denying the plant a male donor, and the plants devote all of their flowering properties into producing buds. These buds after a curing process become laden with THC rich oil, and then are able to be smoked at the best possible point. However, this point is always transitioning. Today, the cure is stopped when the bud is still light green, but prior to these latest trends, buds were often cured as was deemed necessary by the grower, and this was often breed specific. So, some buds were naturally browner, but at a riper stage in the process. If you need a bubbler at this point, consider ThickAssGlass – purchase bubblers here.

The two dominant strains indica and sativa are bound by this amount of light available in a day to produce the flowering stage, but ruderalis is not. and these sun conditions along with the other necessary outdoor conditions is what people attempt to replicate in their growing labs both commercial and personal. Now, they are using the ruderalis strains to circumvent this process and lower the time necessary to produce good bud. In doing so, they have bred stronger strains of marijuana, but no lab can successfully replicate the natural outdoor conditions regardless of what they say. This is why the best marijuana is grown outdoors.