June 19, 2024

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There is no certainty in the world of currency. One day the dollar rises, the other, it falls. Economy is like an untamed beast, and no matter how hard we try to control it, and how hard we try to understand it, it does as it pleases. All we can do is monitor it, and find new ways to contain it. That is done with the help of currencies – including dollars, euros and so one. There is now a new currency that has taken control of the public eye – and that is cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency was once just a dream in which people wanted to have full control over their money. Where they wanted to be able to give as much as they wanted to vendors and no more, as opposed to the system today, where vendors are the ones who take. It was a concept of decentralization, where there is not one single authority aware of your money. It is an idea that is fraud-free and entirely transparent. Some believe it to be the future.

As with any commodity, there is always a risk. And where there is a risk, there is always insurance. In order to protect common customers from any mishap that may occur in cryptocurrency exchange, several Crypto Insurance companies have started offering their services in the same field. Their idea is, why not pay a few extra bucks and secure your assets, rather than lose it all?

The cryptocurrency market is like an unexplored terrain – who’s to say when disaster might hit? It is fraught with heists and theft, with infamous incidents like Mt. Gox under its belt, wherein more than $473 million was lost. However, the beautiful blockchain technology that has made cryptocurrency such an acceptable mode of exchange, has found fancy in many a developer, and its only common sense to insure against any possible damage.

Crypto Insurance companies regularly dish out their services to those who seek out crime and cyber coverage, and also cover losses from the legal actions against executives or board members. These crypto companies often pay premiums as high as 5 percent of their coverage limits every year.

As this idea of cryptocurrency grows in the industry, men and women are embracing it in order to break free from the constraints of traditional currency methods and are insuring themselves in order to be safe.