July 12, 2024

Car accident is very common throughout the USA. If you have ever got involved in a car accident, you may be curious to know how to proceed with a compensation claim for your injury or property damage. This article is a good guide to show you the right direction.

First Step

Even if the accident took place because of other driver’s mistake, you must not take any initiative for direct settlement with the person. Hire an attorney from Ladah Law Firm. You should also collect some important details as follows:

The other driver’s name
The other driver’s license number and insurance company
Names and addresses of the witnesses to the accident
Names of the reporting officers

It is also a pragmatic idea to take some photos of the accident scene. These days, cell phones have in-built camera. Try to capture of the followings:

The location of the cars
The damaged areas of every vehicle
The license plate of every car

You should understand these details play a very important role in settlement claim. You have to produce all these details before the other driver’s insurance company. Another important point never to forget is the insurer will not be in your favor. They are running business with a goal of profit maximization. They will always try to pay you less by arguing that you were fully or partially responsible for the accident and you have not produced the necessary documents in support of your compensation claim.

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Complaints are Entitled to Collect Following Types of Damages

If you are lodging a claim for property damage, you can collect some of the following types of damages:

Car damage
Damage to Personal Property – You are entitled to seek compensation for a computer or other kinds of valuable things in your car if these have been damaged due to the car accident.
Car Rental – Most insurers will pay you for rental car only if your car was under repairing.
Out-of-Wallet Expenses – If you got back home, hospital or police station in a car from the accident site, you can make a claim.

The insurers will take their settlement decisions based on information and documentation from you. If you have failed to produce out-of-wallet expenses, the insurance company will reasonably argue that they are obliged to reimburse you for that part of loss.

What If You’re Injured

The car accident may turn out to be more serious than what you actually thought. If you have suffered an injury, the legal issues could involve more complications. Apart from the aforementioned list of damages, you are also entitled to claim for your medical expenses, wage loss, physical pain and mental trauma resulting from the accident.


Even if you are confident of settlement negotiation for property damage, you should consult with your injury lawyer in the state of your residential status. Physical injuries and medical expenses could create unique circumstances that could be best understood only by an eminent lawyer.