March 4, 2024

Once a peril strikes, battling an insurance company is the last thing you want to do. With the red tape and the hefty amount of paperwork to deal when filing a claim, things can get very overwhelming. The chances are that, without professional help, some of the damages and losses may be left out. That’s where a public insurance adjuster comes in.

Public Insurance Adjusters

A public insurance adjuster is a professional that a policyholder hires to represent their best interests in a property insurance claim. The public insurance adjuster you hire must hold an insurance adjuster license. He/she will help manage the claim, make sure you meet filing requirements and assist you in recovering what you deserve in an insurance claim.

An adjuster will review all the coverages that apply to the loss to not only calculate but also settle the claim on behalf of the insured. Public insurance claim adjusters only handle property claims, that is, residential and business properties that have suffered from events such as fire, floods, water, vandalism, among others.

3 Key Reasons to Hire an Insurance Claims Adjuster

Maximize Settlement

Your goal is to maximize the settlement so that you can go back to the same position you were before the loss occurred. Involving an insurance adjuster enhances the possibility of increasing the final amount of the claims payment.

Public Adjuster Get a Percentage of the Recovery

While an insurance adjuster charges for his or her services, you don’t have to worry about paying extra fees. An insurance adjuster only receives a small portion of the amount you recover from the claim.

Even better, some public insurance adjusters take claims on a contingency basis. That means you don’t pay anything until your claim gets settled. As such, you can be sure your adjuster will work diligently to make sure you’re paid so that he/she can receive payment.

Extensive Damage & Losses

If you’re dealing with severe property damage, that might give rise to a variety of complicated claim issues. Dealing with such claims on your own can be hard as you might miss some damages, place the expenses in the wrong categories, etc.

An insurance adjuster is experienced and can help identify the hard to spot damages, value your losses correctly, something that can have a significant impact on the value of your claim.

In Conclusion

You file a claim with the goal of maximizing the settlement. A public adjuster with an insurance adjuster license will represent you so you can recover what you deserve.