July 18, 2024

The Importance of Having Your Documents Notarized

Notary seals can be used as proof of notarization, but a notary public must file them with the secretary of state before using them. The secretary of state will accept impressions of seals. In addition to notarization, notary seals can be used in real estate transactions.

Importance of notary seals

Notary seals are mandatory for notarial ceremonies, but they look different depending on the state commission to perform the ceremony.  Notary public seals has specific requirements in each state, so check with your commissioning office before buying a seal for your notary service. With remote online notarization, confusion over eSeals has increased.

Whether you’re using a notary stamp or an embosser, the type of notary seal you use will be as crucial as the notary’s presence. Notary stamps are more convenient and easy to use, while notary seal embossers will give you an official look. Choosing the correct type of notary seal for your needs is essential – a pocket embosser may be easier to carry, while a desktop notary stamp is more convenient.

As a notary, you must take care of your seal. It may be used to commit fraud on unsuspecting individuals if lost or stolen. Therefore, you should also destroy your notary seal after it expires. This is a crucial fraud prevention measure. Metal embossing seals should be disposed of appropriately. To destroy them, use a heavy-duty steel file to break off the die insert. Once broken into two pieces, dispose of the seal separately from other trash materials.

Location matters

The most important thing to know when applying for notary seals is that location matters. The seal must sit alongside the signature on the bottom of the certificate and must be one inch wide. The seal must also include a sequential identification number. Okla., a notary’s seal must be placed in a public location. In addition, the seal must be at least five inches wide, though some states only allow the seal to be five inches wide.


Notary seals are used for authentication and identification purposes. The seal must identify the notary public’s jurisdiction, authority, and signature. The inscription on the seal must include the notary’s name and the words ‘Notary Public for the State of New York.’ The notary should print this information in black ink beneath their signature. Alternatively, the notary may use a pre-inked stamp.

The application process varies depending on the state. You may need a test or training session. A fee will also be required, ranging from $100 to hundreds of dollars. Some notary organizations also charge additional fees, such as registration, oath, and expedited processing fees. Before receiving your seal, you must pay the applicable fee.

The cost of notary seals varies by state but may be as low as $20. The price of notary seals is slightly higher than that of stamps. They can be purchased from office supplies stores and notary supply shops. But, they are still cheaper than stamps and are worth the money. If you’re new to notary work, consider ordering a seal online to save money. Then, you can print and apply your notary seal.