July 12, 2024

When it comes to hiring criminal lawyers in Melbourne, you will have to consider lot of things. If you want to hire someone who is really good at his job, then it is important to ask certain questions. You should hire felony lawyers around Melbourne after lot of considerations. You can’t choose a lawyer based on video presentations and great looking websites. It is always important to have a face to face meeting with felony attorneys in Melbourne.

When you meet a lawyer face to face, you will be able to judge lot of things accurately, including experience of the lawyer. Most importantly, you will come to know whether you are comfortable working with the particular lawyer or not. It is extremely important to have a good working relationship with your lawyer.

Make sure that the felony law practitioners within Melbourne you have been considering give importance to client satisfaction. Let’s take a look at the important questions that you need to ask criminal law specialist in Melbourne before you hire them.

Free initial consultation

When it comes to hiring criminal law attorneys in Melbourne, free initial consultation is an extremely important aspect you need to consider.

  • A face to face initial consultation is an extremely important thing to evaluate the case in detail.
  • If your lawyer refuses to give free initial consultation for few minutes, then it is better to stay away from that lawyer.
  • If the lawyer is not able to provide a face to face consultation, he should at least be able to provide a 5 minute phone consultation.
  • Free initial consultation is extremely important as you get to gauge the capabilities of the lawyer. But above all else, you will be able to see whether you have a comfortable working equation with the lawyer or not.

Is the lawyer focussing primarily on criminal law?

Doctors usually tend to focus on specific areas. They specialize in certain areas. But that is not the case with lawyers. They are technically allowed to represent all sorts of cases. In short, you will come across lot of lawyers working in the area of general practice. You don’t really want to work with such a lawyer for a serious criminal case. If you see that criminal law practitioners nearby Melbourne under your consideration have been doing many things at a time, then it is better to stay away from lawyers like that. You need to work with lawyers who specialize in a particular area. You need to work with an attorney who deals with criminal law on a daily basis. Only then you can expect proper representation from your lawyer.

Fees of the lawyer

When it comes to hiring a criminal lawyer, fees is an extremely important aspect you shouldn’t overlook. It is not about hiring the most expensive lawyer. It is about hiring someone who is perfect for the job. Always work with a lawyer who is upfront about the cost involved. The lawyer should be able to tell you how much it is going to cost. The lawyer should be forthcoming when it comes the fees structure. You will always find experienced criminal lawyers in Melbourne under your budget.


We hope that the criminal lawyer list of questions above can elp you in finding the perfect lawyer for your case. Do ask the given questions before you go out and hire a criminal advocate close-by Melbourne area, so that you do not make the wrong choice.