July 12, 2024

US citizenship: Immigration is the story of our families - GulfToday

Taher Kameli is a corporate lawyer who is able to help people with the immigration visa. If you are worried about your visa and not getting it within the stipulated time, then you are required to take some legal actions. If you are able to visit Mr. Taher Kameli, he will be able to help you out with your problems. Once you have been able to resolve your problem it will become much easier for you to avail yourself of the Visa and make the best utilization of it. Citizens are also to remember that the family immigration to the USA is very much a complicated process.

Present status of family immigration to the USA

It is essential for everyone to be aware of the present status of family immigration attorney dallas tx. It is to be noted that this green card for an immigration visa might take a lot of time. At times, of has even exceeded to more than a year. People, who want to avail a family visa, are required to file a document stating their reason for the Visa and other details. This immigration visa is essential for people to be able to live in the country in a much more comfortable way. It has become essential for every citizen to have a USA visa.

Family Immigration to the USA

The Trump government came up with a revised Civic test for the family immigration to USA. This was done in order to reduce the number of people who visit the USA and settles there without any intention of going back to their country any time soon. The steps that were taken by the Trump government were criticized badly and many people were strictly against it. However, it was President Biden who took the step of revising the act once again so that it is able to get back to its older (2008) version.  The main purpose of this step was to restore faith in the immigration attorneys of the country.

The test

The USCIS has gone back to the 2008 test as of March 1, 2021. It is to be remembered that the government has come up with two tests, both of which are to be gone through by those seeking for the family immigration to the USA. The main reason behind the tests is their convenience. As per the notice and with the help of Taher Kameli that has been given The USCIS will be offering the immigrants who had filed their naturalization applications then or by 1st March, the choice to choose between the two tests.


To conclude, it can be said that it is important for the government as well as those seeking for Immigration to be well aware of all the steps and processes. It is essential to be aware so that proper steps can be taken. Until and unless the people are aware of the steps to be taken, they will never be able to avail of immigration. The immigration process that is to be followed from the year 2021 has been revised and has been visited back to the 2008 version.