July 12, 2024

Person Riding Bicycle Wearing Backpack

Riding a bicycle is a fun way to exercise without straining your joints like running. Apart from exercise, you can ride your bike instead of driving your car, it can save you money on gas, and bikes are also environmentally friendly.

Biking is gaining huge popularity most especially with college students because it is a convenient method of transportation. There are about 120 million bikes currently in use in America according to The National Safety Council.

Before you hit the road riding your bicycle, the following are the top safety tips that you must follow;

  • Wear a properly fitting helmet

Make sure that you wear the right size of the helmet and wear it every time you that you ride. When it comes to helmets, it’s not just about wearing them alone, but how you wear them. A helmet should sit on top of the head in a level position.

It shouldn’t rock forward, backward and sideways. The helmet straps should always be buckled. To make sure that you wear it properly, check that it forms a “V” under your ears when it is buckled. It should not be too tight that when you open your mouth, you feel the helmet hugging your head tightly. Wearing a helmet can protect you from head injury, but in case an accident occurs you can contact Los Angeles personal injury attorney, you’ll get assistance.

  • Make the bike road-worthy

Before you hit the road, check if your bike is in a good state. Check the tires if they have enough air. The tire should be firm if it has enough air. Check the brakes to see if they are functioning well. Turn your bicycle up and down and give the tires spin. They ought to spin straight without rubbing against the brakes.

You should check the reflectors as well to ensure that they are secure. If your wheels are the quick-release ones, make sure that they are attached appropriately. If you have any doubts about your bicycle, take it to a professional for some inspection.

  • Follow the rules of the road

This is now the most important part while biking. When you’re riding your bicycle on the road, your bicycle is just like any other vehicle. It still has to follow the rules of the road. You should ride the bicycle in the same direction as traffic. This will make it easier for the drivers to see you. And it lets you see traffic signals and stop signs which you must follow.

When riding on the road, make sure you give ways to cars and pedestrians.And if possible, you can ride on the side of the road.

  • Be smart of the road

When it comes to riding a bicycle, there is much to it than just following the rules. Always be alert to your surroundings. Wear reflective clothing that can make drivers notice you. This may sound silly, but Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney reminds you that it’s for your benefit. Ensure that you use a mirror before you move to the left. Don’t pass on the right and also don’t use headphones while riding because this can prevent you from hearing the cars around you.

  • Protect your bike from theft

You can protect your bike by registering it at The American Center for Bicycle Registration [ACBR]. If you register your bicycle, it can be identified quickly and you can prove ownership easily.