July 12, 2024

If you get into an accident that was not your fault, you have every right to be compensated for the damages. The compensation includes damage to your property, salary losses, and hospital expenses. However, you need to file a personal injury claim and present pieces of evidence before you can receive any of these. By consulting The Johnston Law Firm, LLC and reading this article, you can learn more about personal injury claims.


Time is extremely important.

When you file a personal injury claim, you have to be familiar with statute of limitations. It means that there is a time limit from the time you got into an accident until you can file a personal injury case. The time limit varies depending on several factors, so it will be better to consult a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Moreover, the earlier you consult with a lawyer, the more time you can gather pieces of evidence and meet witnesses who can greatly help you win your claim.


There is a long process for filing a personal injury claim.

Because there are numerous stages you have to complete in filing a personal injury case, it is vital to hire a lawyer to assist you throughout this process. Aside from helping you with the technical information, your lawyer can also help you avoid missing a deadline or committing technical errors. Basically, you have to put much time and effort in fighting for your case no matter how difficult it can be.

Insurance companies are not very reliable in this kind of situation.

Insurance companies entice their customers by telling them that they care about their clients. However, this is not their main goal. They care about you, but they care more about their finances. This is no surprise because an insurance company is still a business. Therefore, when choosing an insurance company, do your research well before availing one.

There is more to personal injuries than physical harm.

When people hear personal injuries, they think about physical damages. Nevertheless, physical injuries from road accidents and substandard products and damages to property are not the only scope of personal injury cases. The long term effect of the accident such as mental illnesses is also included. Thus, physical and mental damages are covered in a case like this.

A settlement is normal.

Personal injury cases do not always go to trial. This is because some complainants do not want to go through the long process, do not want to give a testimony in court, or simply want to settle the case right away. Lawyers usually try to reach an agreement, but you should always be ready to go on trial. Your lawyer will help you prepare for it, and you also need to condition yourself.


The legal procedure for a personal injury case can be advantageous for you if you become familiar with it. There are many factors that can affect your case, so consulting a lawyer will be helpful for you. The whole process can be arduous, but you can definitely go through it.