June 19, 2024

DUI cases can get very costly, depending on the state. These cases can result in you losing your license. When the stakes are this high, you should not hesitate in hiring a specialized attorney. It will help you ensure that you face the charges comfortably.

Before taking the plunge, there are certain things you need to consider.


If you are looking for an eminent DUI attorney, then there is no alternative to extensive research. Ideally, any further action, including securing appointments and finalizing your attorney, should be preceded by a well-done study.

You can always look online for Oakland county DUI attorneys. Other than this, you can also ask your friends and other people who have hired such professionals for references. This will help you in comparing services and go for the best suitable option.


DUI offenses are quite particular in nature. Therefore, you should only look for an attorney who has a specialty in DUI offenses. A specialized lawyer will have a comprehensive understanding of the laws governing DUI offenses.

Along with this, specialization in a particular field will allow them to have an easy time to gather and produce evidence while defending you. Also, their previous experience in the area will be relevant to your case.

Size of firm

Understanding the size of the firm and the number of cases that they undertake is also essential. This will help you reflect how much time, attention, and dedication will be invested in your case. However, there isn’t any simple answer to the question.

A smaller firm with fewer cases will allow you more opportunities for direct interactions. On the other hand, a larger firm will have more resource persons to handle different aspects of the case. Therefore, it is suggested to go for the firm that fits your expectations and comfort zone.

Track record

Several lawyers have ample experience in preparing for DUI cases, but they have never been to a court. However, if one is facing a felony, one needs an attorney who has some past experience in presenting or defending cases.

Therefore, having a good look at the attorney’s previous track record becomes extremely significant. Before finalizing a deal, ask for their defense records and the number of cases they have won. If you are in jail, you do not want to take the risk with an attorney who has no experience with courtroom proceedings.

Go for a local attorney

Some of the lawyers advertise across the nation but have little understanding of the laws specific to a particular state. Therefore, they don’t even share a relationship with the prosecutors or judge. This can result in them convincing you to plead guilty when your case shows little complication.

A local attorney will have answers to significant questions like- the conviction rate of the judge in DUI cases, will the prosecution push for penalties, and so on. Thus, a local attorney’s familiarity with the system can help you immensely with the case.