March 4, 2024

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The free choice of the lawyer is a fundamental principle and it is not a matter of recommending a lawyer over another but of providing you with the main elements that will help you to make your choice.

Many fields of activity and specializations

The missions of the lawyer are many and extremely varied, which often leads him to have one or more areas of predilection.Although most of them practice all legal matters, through their experience, refine their skills in one or more specific areas of activity.Some of them have their skills in one or more disciplines certified by a specialization.

Consult the directory of lawyers

If you do not know a lawyer, you can consult the list of lawyers close to your home through the directory of lawyers.

Hotlines and free consultations

As part of their mission to facilitate access to law, many bars also provide hotlines in courthouses, town hall or in the houses of justice and law. You can meet lawyers during consultations organized in the framework of partnerships between bars and public interest organizations or associations.

The composition of the lawyer’s fees

Lawyers have two compensation systems. For simple cases where the workload can be assessed in advance, they can offer a package. In some cases, it is even mandatory (partial legal aid, lawyer paid by the legal protection insurance or when a performance fee is provided). For other cases, they charge an hourly rate, very variable depending on their age, their experience, the difficulty of the case and the customer’s situation.An income fee expressed as a percentage of the money obtained by the lawyer for your benefit may be added. On the other hand, a lawyer is not entitled to provide remuneration based solely on performance fees.

The attorney will ask as wellto you for paying the costs and the expenses: These happen to be the costs that incur during the trial.This does not constitute the remuneration (expertise, bailiff’s fees).If you initially agree on a flat rate, the lawyer cannot then claim more than what was planned (you can agree with him on the terms of payment of this package).If you apply an hourly billing, the lawyer must note the time spent and the steps taken for your file and keep you informed.

Kelly K Huang will generally ask you for provisions as you go along to ensure payment of his work. At the end of his mission, he will present you a detailed account distinguishing fee fees and VAT if applicable.The tariff of a lawyer often seems exorbitant, but knows that he must pay charges (professional insurance, contributions to the Bar Association etc.) that can reach 60% of his earnings. To know if, after the first appointment, you have decided to entrust your business, ask your lawyer to write a fee agreement. This is a contract detailing the terms of his compensation. Keep it to avoid litigation.