July 18, 2024

With the legalization of cannabis in many states, there has been an increased interest in learning about the plant, its benefits, and where it can be used. Platforms such as The CBD Insider offer consumers helpful facts and updates about CBD products, news, and legalization. But when it comes tocannabis law, it is particularly important to find the right person to take care of your case. You want to find a firm thatoffers consultants backed not only by experience, but the capacity to understand you and your needs as an individual.

When you are looking for the perfect attorney, there are a number of factors to consider. Many will relate to your personal situation, and the kind of commitment you can make under the circumstances. As we walk you through a few key ways to optimise your search, be sure to keep in mind what is right for you and your case.

Do your research

It really does pay to do the right research, especially when it comes to your legal matters. You want someone who knows their roor grinders from their vaporizers at minimum, but it’s more important that they understand your rights under marijuana laws.

You need to be thorough and precise in your selection, understanding that ultimately the choice is in your hands regarding who you choose to represent you. Sometimes the right answer won’t appear immediately, but will come with gut instinct as you get to know your attorney through a face-to-face meeting. If you have trusted advisors in your life, it always pays to consult the people you know, in case they have any leads or referrals that may assist you.

But before you book in your first appointment, take the time to run a search for professionals who specialisein cannabis law. There are a number of organizations that can assist you in this specifically, including the National Cannabis Bar Association (NCBA), which offers a directory of suitable lawyers with experience in related cases. The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) offers a similar service, with important links to lawyers with ongoing relationships with activist communities or business associations.

Find the right fit

As we just mentioned, the right relationships can be a crucial indicator of a good legal practice. Community groups and organizations are a key portion of these types of associations, but It is also important to identify whether they have a trusted relationship with local government and law enforcement bodies. Dependable names in the business, such as law firms like McAllister Garfield, also hold at least the industry standards of qualifications for your case.

You want to be sure that your choice of lawyer is not only licensed in the state, but a member of the American Bar Association. While these may seem like obvious things to look out for, when you arrive at the later hours of your search, they are important things to keep in the forefront of your mind.

As you scroll through the many choices the internet can offer, look into the specifics of your lawyer’s qualifications, and their record of expertise in cannabis-related matters. You don’t want a lawyer who simply reads up on marijuana laws — you want a specialist.

Things to avoid

There are many attractive options to consider when identifying the right legal team for a cannabis matter. Even though there are a range of successful defense lawyers available to you, a standardcivil or criminal law firm may notbe suitable to your specific case and personal requirements. Be sure to understand the scope of what your choice of lawyer can offer.

A lot of this will happen in the early meeting stages, once you narrow down your candidates, and you have the chance to ask important questions around cost, time-frames and potential resolutions to your case.