July 12, 2024

It is absolutely very critical that you get the best family lawyer you can in a family law case. In the past, residents in Sydney have really benefited from family lawyers and relayed firms. But on the contrary, there are others who ended up in misery. Don’t let this be you.

Work Experience

The first and the most important criteria in hiring a family lawyer in Sydney is their work experience. You have to ask the questions on how many years has that lawyer been doing family law defense, how many cases has he/she handled, what courts have the lawyer gone to, how often does that lawyer go to the exact court your case is going to, how well does he know the judge, how well does he know the opposing counsel, how well does he /she know the procedure in that court – every family law court in Sydney is like it has its own fiefdom, where they have their own rules, their own procedures. For instance, one judge might be very sympathetic to women and lean in their favor, while another judge will be totally in favor of men having more child custody. Unless you hire a lawyer that goes to that court a lot, you will be making a big mistake.

Beware of those with other side Jobs

Another important criterion in hiring family lawyers in Sydney is to make absolutely certain that the lawyer or the law firm that you are hiring limits their practice to family law. Do not hire a lawyer that does some tax for clients in the city, some bit of divorce, some criminal law, etc. They cannot possibly know in one way or another,the family law that you need them to know to win your case. You will likely be up against a lawyer representing your spouse who just does family law. This will make you be at a very big disadvantage if you do not have a lawyer who limits his practice to family law.

How to Communicate

This is a scary time in your life. You are facing the loss of your children, home, property; you may have to pay a lot of spousal support, child support, and other things required by the law. You need communication and feel comfortable with your lawyer. At the very beginning of the case, ask the lawyer how he will communicate with you after hiring him. Sometimes in Sydney, people say that they have paid their lawyers and they have not heard from them for a long time. In this time, you do not see your children, assets are being depleted and so on.

Their Reputation

What do other people here in Sydney that have hired that family lawyer say about him? Nowadays, if you have internet access, you have many tools available to you. For instance, going to the website and reading scores of letters from happy clients who will tell you why they liked that specific lawyer. Communication, success, results and other factors that made them happy.

These are good basic ways to consider who to hire as family lawyers in Sydney like O’Sullivan Legal.