June 19, 2024

Nearly every person who regularly drives will be involved in a car accident at some point in their life. Many of these accidents will be minor fender benders, resulting only in scrapes or other cosmetic damage. And, many of these accidents will be processed by insurance companies with no difficulty outside of inconvenience to the parties involved.

However, another large portion of drivers will be involved in accidents that are either more severe or more complicated than that. When the situation is less straightforward, you may begin to feel lost or confused in the sea of legal terms. Sometimes, it’s in your best interest to hire a lawyer to help you navigate the legal system, even after something as common as a car accident.

When you deserve lost wages

If you were injured in a car accident to the extent that you missed time at work, it is worthwhile to consider finding a car accident law firm. For hourly or salaried workers who can clearly document the amount of time missed from work, the calculations of lost wages should be relatively straightforward. However, if you own your own company, work as a freelancer, or earn commission, the calculations can get trickier. In these cases, it can be difficult to prove how much of your salary you have actually lost, especially in such a way that you will be repaid in full. In these cases, legal counsel can ensure that you are given your lost wages in full, even if those wages are complex to calculate and prove.

When you are partially at fault

If you are partially at fault for the accident, but you were still injured, this also complicates legal proceedings. Things such as medical bills and lost wages may not be entirely covered by the more-at-fault party, but you should still be recompensed for a significant portion of the financial obligations.

Particularly if the more-at-fault party has legal representation as well, they may be attempting to shift the blame your direction so that they are not held responsible for as much money. Your own legal representation can ensure that this doesn’t happen, and that you are only responsible for a fair portion of your medical costs.

When you may be entirely at fault

In the situation that you are nearly entirely or entirely at fault for the accident, particularly if other parties were injured in the accident, you should almost certainly hire legal counsel to represent you. In the face of hefty medical bills and lost wages, not to mention car repairs, a lawyer can make sure that you pay only for what you should be paying for. Although even the best lawyer probably can’t get you off the hook for damages you inflicted due to negligence or other causes, they can ensure that the results of a trial or negotiation are fair to all.

Even if these specifiers don’t apply to you, you can always hire legal counsel. If you begin to feel overwhelmed by the situation or confused by the legalese, you can hire a lawyer after a car accident for any reason. Just ensure that you hire a legal representative who makes you feel comfortable and at ease.