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uestions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Lawyer

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Committing to hire a lawyer is a decision of some weight. Lawyers in Melbourne know this, which is why they provide either free or low cost initial consultations to provide a chance for you to discuss your situation and findout if they’re the right fit for you. There are two things to consider during such a meeting with a lawyer– do you need a lawyer at all, and also, if yes, is this the right lawyer for you? But how do you answer these major questions? You need to ask some questions of your own while consulting with lawyers. Don’t shy away from asking the things that are important to you, even if it feels quite direct. It could be the difference between you winning your case or not, so the stakes are high and there’s no room for apprehension. To help you find the right lawyers in Melbourne, this article details a list of questions you might like to ask during the initial consultation. 

H2: How Long Have You Been Practicing?

It’s important to find out about the expertise of different lawyers. You need to find out if they’re a beginner attorney or someone who’s been in the game for some time. Veteran lawyers in Melbourne can usually handle more complex cases, while a simpler case might be fine for a less experienced attorney. It just depends on your needs and what is appropriate.  

H2: What Kinds of Cases Do You Handle?

You need to assess if a particular lawyer will bea good fit for your problem, making it important to ask if they deal with the subject area of your case. The legal field is wide and varied, and not every lawyer will have expertise in every aspect of it. Choose lawyers in Melbourne who have expertise in the area that aligns with the legal issue you need help with. 

H2: What Are the Typical Kinds of Clients You Work With?

Many people forget to ask this question, but it’s vital for two reasons – you need to know if the lawyers in Melbourne you’re meeting with actually work with individuals like you, and you also need to know if they’re within your budget. If they’ve worked on high profile cases with famous people, they might be too expensive. Or perhaps you’re willing to pay high prices to get outstanding results. The choice is up to you. But it’s crucial to find out where a lawyer is on the sliding scale of affordability so you can make an informed choice. 

H2: What Are Your Costs and How Are They Billed?

You may have gotten an idea of relative cost from the previous question, but to double-check your assumptions, it’s best to ask straight out what the fees actually are. Any decent lawyers in Melbourne should be 100% transparent about their costs. You should also ask if any part of the case will be handled by paralegals or legal assistants. In this situation you could ask for a reduction in price, as the assistants will be less qualified and should attract a lower fee.