July 12, 2024

Making an investment is an issue that should be taken seriously no matter where you are willing to make that investment. You have to decide the scope of your investment, your budget and also you should have a good knowledge of the economic climate of the place you choose for your investment.

At the outset of all, Turkey’s economy has recently been described as a “prospering market economy” by the IMF. That is only one of the reasons why investors have increasingly begun to turn their steps towards Turkey for their different types of investments. Not only founding a company in Turkey, but also for purchasing a real estate (it could be for different purposes i.e. selling, renting or both renting and using it for yourself in different times of a year) or other types of investments that you make in Turkey would be rationalistic and also profitable decisions.

You can run your business almost in every city in Turkey due to its ever-developing areas of investment, which are variable in every city. Having said that, farsightedness is the substantial point in this regard. In other words, in order to calculate the risks, advantages, and profit possibilities,you should be knowledgeable with the statistics and facts of the city that you are considering to make a new investment.

If you have a successfully running business or maybe a corporation in another state, did you know that it is also possible to move your current business to Turkey in order to provide a better quality or increase your profit growth?Should you wish to set up a new company or move a running company in Turkey, we strongly advise you to first obtain a brief information and summary in relation to the company set up procedure in Turkey from your lawyer/legal consultant. We assure you that it is more than important to be informed about financial matters before moving on with the setting up procedure.

Most of the investors think that making up their mind on the type of the company that is to be founded is the most important point and the rest is a pushover. However, it also should be considered the total sum of company set up costs as well as the capital amount for the minimum value when starting the business via formation of a company. On the other hand, there will also be ongoing expenses to be paid monthly and annually when you run a business company.

A knowledgeable team of Turkish lawyers would efficiently provide you with assistance providing you have any inquiries (i.e Company type, liabilities of the shareholders, required documents, expenses etc.) about Company Foundation in Turkey.