July 18, 2024

Child support is intended to ensure that both parents, regardless of their relationship, will provide financial help for their children as much as possible. Keeping child support money in the custodial parent’s possession is the custodial parent’s responsibility. 

With the help of a Lake County child support attorney, you can control the steps that the child’s money belongs to, but it’s up to them to use it for the child’s benefit.

Child support should be provided in an appropriate amount

If you are a family with divorced or unmarried parents, a judge or child support agency will assess child support for you based on the state calculator or other state-specific guidelines. It is the responsibility of the judge or child services agency to calculate child support so that it covers the basic needs of the child.

Below is a list of some basic needs that every child will require in their life until they can earn themselves

Basic Needs

A child must have nutritious food, clothes, and housing. That is the reason child support has been added to fulfill its necessities.

Medical Expensive 

Usually, the child to whom the custody goes is the one who bears the child’s hospital expenses such as viral infection, braces, and hospital visits. But if ever the hospital expenses become more, child support ensures that both the parents can get the cost.

Before agreeing on the parent who should carry health insurance for the child, the court and child support agency will determine which parent can afford quality insurance. The court doesn’t need to consider health insurance for children with private health insurance when making the final determination.

Education Expensive 

Parents must attend private school meetings. The calculation made by a child support attorney temecula ca includes tuition in some states. Even if a child does not receive any education support, they can still pay tuition. A child support payment can also help pay for school supplies and field trips.

Child care

There is one other unavoidable cost often not covered by child support guidelines: child care. Courts usually split the cost of child care equally between parents in most states. Judges in other states will consider how much each parent makes and how much time each spends with the child.

The right to object to how one parent uses child support

Parents paying child support aren’t easily able to contest where the recipient spends the money. Since custodial parents do not must track their expenditures, it would be difficult for paying parents to prove misuse of child support unless it was evident that the custodial parent has neglected the child’s health, safety, or well-being. 

Following are notable point

Apart from that, Parents cannot control where their children spend money, but child support arrangements are such that parents can explain this to their children through third parties. 

In contrast, if you feel your child is being neglected or abused by the custodial parent, you should seek help. Contact a Lake County child support attorney or a state child support agency for assistance.

Final thought

So this is the main factor of child support, by which you came to know about what you can get approval under Lake County child support attorney and what not. Apart from taking a read here, you can also consult an attorney to get things done straight away.

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