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What happens if I’m convicted of a DWI/DUI

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Have you ever heard about DWI/ DUI? DUI and DWI, both are serious criminal offences. DUI stands for driving under the influence and DWI stands for driving while intoxicated. On comparison, the charges between the both are slightly different. It suggests that the charges under DUI are lesser as compared to the charges under DWI.

Some important pointers to need to know about:

  • If anyone has got convicted with such offences then you have to pay the fine, and you will be sent to jail. The jail time can vary from 2 days to 6 months. The judgement will be made on the basis of the total concentration of alcohol l in your blood at the time of arrest. It is obvious that once you are sentenced to jail then your whole life will get ruined. Not only your image will get distorted in your near ones but your image will get distorted in the society as well.

  • Whenever anyone get accused, he/she want to say something in his/her defence but it is not possible to utter a single word without the help of an experienced professional. One can get over the things by hiring the experienced defence lawyer and the defence lawyer can help the person to get rid of all the penalties. In simple words, the defence lawyer represents the convicted person in the court legally.

  • If you are accused under the DUI or DWI then have enough patience because the trials under this law are lengthy and once you proved guilty then you will be sentenced to jail and you have to pay the maximum fine. Only a Fort Bend Criminal Defense Lawyer will help you to gain access to the courtroom. An experienced lawyer will have the appropriate & adequate knowledge about the criminal laws and possibilities or chances of reducing the sentence and fine. The defence lawyers will help you to have patience throughout the trials in the courtroom. A defence lawyer either help you to reduce the total punishment or reduce the heavy fine payable to the court.

  • In the nutshell, criminal defence lawyer saves the lives of the accused as well as guilty person.