July 18, 2024

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Victims of drunk driving accidents usually suffer from serious physical injuries. These injuries can incur significant medical expenses. Not only that. The victims who can’t go back to work right away also lose a substantial amount of income. And the insurance of the drunk driver is usually not enough to cover the expenses and damages. If you get involved in a car accident where the other driver is under the influence of alcohol, you can get compensation for any injuries coming from the crash. And this is where you will need the expertise of a personal injury attorney.

An experienced attorney can help you recover fair compensation in cases of drunk driving accidents. If the drunk driver does not have adequate insurance to cover the damages and injuries, your personal injury lawyer can help you by requesting the court to attach the drunk driver’s assets. It’s important to note though that time is a factor with respect to securing assets. This means that you should give the drunk driver enough time to squander. Make sure to speak with a reputable personal injury attorney about your case as soon as possible.

When you get hit or injured by a drunk driver, it’s important to know what to do next. You must take actions immediately following the accident so that you have a good chance of getting the maximum amount of compensation for your losses, as well as for the injuries. Here are some steps you can follow after being involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver.

  1. Call the police. Notifying the police is the first step you should take after being injured by a drunk driver. This will make sure that the accident is documented. The details of the accident are crucial for when you file the case in the court. Don’t let the drunk driver get away without being able to contact the police. Otherwise, you will be losing a crucial piece of evidence that you will need when seeking compensation for injuries.

When you get to talk to the police, make sure that you tell exactly how the accident took place. It is crucial that you provide accurate details as much as you can without exaggeration.

  1. Collect information. If it’s possible, it would be best to collect some information about the intoxicated driver such as their contact and insurance information.
  2. Seek immediate medical attention. After getting injured from a drunk driving accident, it is critical that you seek medical attention right away. Even if you think you’re feeling right, it’s important that you get yourself checked.
  3. Hire a reputable personal injury attorney. Before you speak to anyone about the accident, it will be best to seek legal advice from a trusted personal injury attorney. Your personal injury attorney will help you obtain the compensation you deserve. And aside from doing an investigation on the case and the driver’s personal exposure, your lawyer will also investigate how the driver became intoxicated. And it’s crucial that you consult a trusted attorney as early as possible to facilitate all the investigations.

Because drunk driving can cause severe physical injuries to the victim, it is always best to consult a personal injury attorney the earliest time possible. And if you find yourself in need of the best personal injury attorney in Tennessee and Kentucky, there is one name you can trust – Car Accident Attorney Hughes and Coleman.