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Win the Rightful Custody Over Your Child 

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Family problems are upsetting enough. When these problems swell up into legal issues, it can get quite complex and overwhelming, especially the ones involving children. Often, children are too young to understand the legal implications and have a very strong reaction to family legal issues, especially divorce and separation that breaks their happy family picture. Hence, family legal cases involving children and their custody must be handled with supreme care and caution, to not result in disturbed adults with troublesome childhood. 

Having to deal with child-related legal issues is best done via a child-custody lawyer, a legal professional to manage your legal case. Post-divorce, the major concern is the custody of the child.

  • In almost all the countries, if the divorce is mutual, then the custody of a child is given to both the parents, under the terms and conditions of a joint custody, according to which both the parents have equal and unbiased parental rights over the child, unless otherwise agreed, that is, if both the parents are on agreement that a specific one of them should possess the custody. However, in such cases, the other parent may have to provide monetary support and may get to spend a specific amount of time with the child once in a while.
  • But if the best interests of the child, according to the court, conflict with the wishes of the parents, or if the parents are on a disagreement over custodial rights, the court decides the provision of custody through a court trial. 
  • Exclusive custody of a child is sought when one of the parents sues for sole custodial rights over the child.
  • Sometimes, custody of the child is granted to a third party related to the case, if both the parents are unwilling or, are found unfit for custody.
  • If marriage results in multiple kids, the custodial battle is fought separately for each child.
  • However, these scenarios apply only to minors. Children of divorced parents who are majors can decide for themselves, however, the court verifies and ensures that the decision is in the best interests of the individual.

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