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Your Guide to Official Translation Services

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What is an official translation?

An official translation is one often being used for a legal purpose such as in court. These professional translations are legally valid and carry a stamp. Clients also know them to be called certified translations and come with a stand-alone document with a certification statement that attests to the accuracy of a translation. It contains the company name, address, telephone number, and any other relevant credential information. Lastly, it contains the date the translation is certified and signature of an authorized representative of the translation company and/or the signature of the translator whom completed the translation.

In order to be official, does my translation need to be notarized?

This comes down to the specific requirements of the application you may be submitting to an organization, the court the translation will be used in, and the geographical location that translation will be used in. NLC Translations provides notarized translations for an extra fee. A popular use of our official translations is for USCIS and other immigration purposes. For the majority of these cases notarization is not needed if submitting your application personally to USCIS. If you are going through a law firm, or another third-party company that specializes in the processing of applications, they may require a combination of notarization and sealed envelopes with original translated materials.

What type of documents do you provide official translations for?

We provide official translation services in over 100 languages for corporate and individual clients. Immigration and legal translations are the most common type of translation when an official translation is requested. Specific documents we handle include Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, Divorce Decrees, Affidavits, Medical Records, Diplomas, Transcripts, and Bank Statements.

How do I obtain an official translation?

The first step to obtaining an official translation will be to scan your document, or take a clear photo. We need a digital copy to work with. This needs to be emailed to us, or submitted onto our website. One of our project managers will contact you shortly after with a quote that will provide you key details such as cost and the delivery date. Often, there are at least two options in a quote which contain a standard and rush services. Once you select the option to proceed with, a secure payment link is sent to you. Once your payment has processed, our team is notified and we begin working on your translation immediately. Deliveries come standard via email unless otherwise discussed.