October 3, 2023

When the chips are down and you realize that the only course left is a divorce, it is hard to know how to go about finding a good lawyer. Not an easy question to ask your friends and family, especially if you are not sure you are ready to talk about the divorce yet with any of them.

But unless you are in the legal profession yourself, it is important for you to find someone who knows all the rules when it comes to divorce and will work hard to get you what you deserve. You don’t want to waste your time and money on the wrong lawyer, and there are plenty of horror stories. My friends out at Ken Phillips Family Law have heard them all, and I can only shudder to think about the wreck that must cause for some poor families. So, to save you time and heartache, here are a few pointers to take to heart when looking for some legal help to untangle that marriage.

Understand Your Lawyer’s Role

It can be tempting to dump all your anger and frustration on your lawyer as you go through the divorce process, but avoid doing so if you can. They may sound sympathetic, and may even feel that way, but they have heard it all and know that in the end it is results that will help, not sympathy. So, keep the drama for your friends and family and stick to what your lawyer will need to know to succeed. You will both be happier if you do it as a professional and the results may make it worth while.

Stay Focused

While you may want to indulge in fighting over the slightest thing, it won’t get you any further in what you really want. That is this divorce. So, keep your emotions set on the goal, getting out of this marriage for as little cost as possible. The more you fight over the little things, the more it will cost you in the end.

Consider Mediation

While you will probably want a lawyer if property and especially if kids are involved, mediation is the best and should be considered the first option. Take a careful look at what you want from this divorce and see if there isn’t a way to use a mediation expert to negotiate it instead of a lawyer. It is always cheaper and for some couples it was easier on them emotionally. Legal action should really only be a last resort, when nothing else seems to be getting results.

Research and Interview Potential Lawyers

Don’t just go with the first divorce lawyer you can find. This is far too important to leave up to chance so do the research first and see if you can identify three or four divorce lawyers that might work for you. Then interview each of them with a clear intention in mind of what you want.

Discuss the type of client they generally represent, what their speciality is and of course what their rates are. Never be afraid to be as up front as possible about what you need from them and what you can afford to pay. Follow these steps and you will find you have the lawyer you need, if you need one, at the price you can afford.