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4 Reasons You Should Hire a Bilingual Attorney

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When you need legal representation, having a qualified attorney is paramount. Every detail, right down to the smallest, needs to be perfectly clear. When the client’s first language is Spanish, like so many living in the States, a lawyer that speaks the language is best. Here are four reasons hiring a bilingual attorney is so important.

To Avoid Misunderstandings

Since there are so many minute details in law, it’s imperative that everything is understood perfectly. If a client’s first language is Spanish, it’s best to have a Spanish speaking attorney Houston. This avoids any misunderstandings, and the lawyer can explain exactly what will happen during proceedings.

For Confidentiality Purposes

For confidentiality between the client and attorney, a bilingual lawyer means there’s no need for a middle person or a translator. Details will remain between the two of them only because the attorney is fluent in Spanish. Not only is this easier for the attorney, it’s also comforting for the client.

You’re a Witness to a Crime

Other times, a situation may come about when a non-English speaking person is a witness to an accident or a crime. When this happens, the person’s testimony could be key to a case. A bilingual attorney can discuss exactly what happened face-to-face with the client.

To Fend Off Misrepresentation

Another issue that could crop up when a client isn’t understood, is misrepresentation. This can stem from simply a misunderstanding due to the language or even cultural differences. Chances are good that a Spanish speaking attorney is also well-versed in Latino culture, further creating a positive attorney-client relationship.

It’s in Your Best Interest

If you’re in need of legal advice and your first language isn’t English, it’s in your best interest to hire a bilingual attorney. A Spanish speaking lawyer will see that you’re perfectly understood and represented properly in a court of law.