May 20, 2024

With the increase of traffic, road rage and car crashes are becoming regular activities. Even skillful drivers have encountered accidents at least once in their lifetime. Often times, accidents can lead to bigger complications and accusations. So what do you do when you have encountered a road accident and the other driver is pointing his finger at you?

Without any witnesses, you may find yourself in a complicated situation.  When you encounter a road accident in either big or small cities, law firms like the Groth Law Firm in Wauwatosa can provide legal aid. Know your rights and prove yourself innocent using these helpful ways.

  1. Review Traffic Rules.

Research the traffic laws in your area. Be knowledgeable as to what violations have been made during an accident to avoid creating false statements.

There are rules regarding rear-end collision wherein the car at the back are considered as reckless. However, there are certain conditions that will point the blame on you in cases when your brake lights are not functioning well.  There are also rules about the left-turn accidents wherein the person who swiveled left will be partly at fault. You need to know the rules wells so you won’t break them.

  1. Investigate all evidence.

After the car accident, gather all the evidence that you can, in the case both of you are interrogated. Take pictures if there are any damages and injuries sustained. If necessary, cover all angles of the scene. Pictures can become a great source of evidence during the legal process, especially when you are falsely accused of something.

The contact information of the other party will be essential as well. Make sure to exchange all relevant information before you part ways.

  1. Check the police reports.

In most car accidents, a police officer will arrive on the scene to investigate. They will write an incident report based on their own investigation. Sometimes, a police report is too subjective and may go against you. It is important to get a copy of the police report as it will be part of your evidence in case the incident leads to court. Without it, it will be difficult to plan for your defense against false accusations.

  1. Ask for a legal assistance.

The most important thing to do when having to deal with a car crash is calling your own lawyer. When you are stuck in a difficult situation and are facing a false claim, your attorney will be the one to review the case for you. Be transparent with your legal advisor. Tell him as much details about the accident as you can remember.


A lot of problems and issues can emerge from a car accident. It is best to fully comprehend the situation you are in to avoid being accused of doing something you didn’t do. Do not directly agree to pay for the damages when you are not at fault. Know how to prove yourself innocent after a car accident with the tips above.