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5 Different Ways To Get Turkey Citizenship

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Turkey is emerging as one of the developed economies in terms of education, economic growth, and a safe environment to settle. It is the most desired citizenship by foreigners with a high number of youths settled there with valid citizenship and passport. It is one of the fastest-growing countries attracting people from all over the world.

To settle in Turkey, you need valid citizenship granted by the Turkish government. The entire process takes a maximum of 4-6 months with certain paperwork and departmental formalities. However, one should have complete knowledge of the ways to get Turkish citizenship. If not, then a real estate agent is ready to help

Here are 5 different ways by which a foreigner can be a valid citizen of Turkey.

By Starting A Company and Job Creation: 

Any foreigner who wants citizenship can start a company and create jobs for at least 50 citizens. The earlier limit was 100 which got reduced to 50. 

By Property investment:

If you want to immigrate to Turkey by property investment, you must buy a property value of $250,000. This property can’t be sold for 3 years. 

By Bank Deposit:

To qualify for citizenship, one needs to maintain a bank deposit of $500,000 in any Turkish bank(s). It has to be maintained for 3 years.

By Investment In Tourism Centers:

Any real estate investment in the tourism sector is also a legal and valid ground to apply for citizenship.

By Investment In Industrial And Technology Centers:

A fixed capital investment of $500,000 is required in the industrial and technology centers to qualify for Turkey citizenship.    

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