December 11, 2023

The Importance of Seeking Immediate Medical Attention after a Motor Vehicle  Accident - Johnston Withers Lawyers

There have been many cases where people get involved in car accidents, and instead of getting medical attention, they follow up on other things like insurance, calling the police, or going home. This often happens when there are no apparent injuries, so one chooses to forego medical attention, assuming they are fine. You should never forego getting medical help, no matter how overwhelmed you are. Here are some major reasons why you need medical care immediately after a car crash.

Your Health Comes Above Everything

One of the most important steps to take after an accident is checking for injuries. This is often recommended as the first step, because there is nothing as important as your health. Cars are replaceable, and insurance will take care of that. However, there are no spare body parts when it comes to your health. Some injuries take a couple of days before one can detect them. But the sooner you are examined, the sooner you will start treatment. You never know. Maybe there are internal injuries, and not seeing the doctor can make the issue worse.

Prevent Injuries from Getting Worse

When you cannot see an injury or feel pain, it is easy to assume that you are okay. But if you are injured and do not get medical attention, you risk the injury getting worse. A good example is a concussion. In some cases, most accident victims assume it is just a headache that will go away. Unfortunately, that headache could be a sign of traumatic brain injury. When you receive medical care, a doctor can rule out any serious health issues and give you painkillers for the headache.

Get Medical Bills and Records

Medical bills and records are documentation of your injuries. After getting medical attention, you need to record the medical expenses and treatment plans. In addition, if you miss work due to the injuries suffered, document that too, as it will help you when filing a claim. This makes it easier for you when working with your Krasney Law attorney. A lawyer can easily calculate how much compensation you are entitled to with all the records.

In Compliance with Insurance

Most insurance policies have a limited period, where victims of car crashes should get medical attention. If that time lapses and you go to the hospital, insurance will not cover it. If you admit that you were not feeling pain, the insurance company will argue that the injury is not from that accident. So, ensure you get yourself checked, just to be safe.

You Might Hurt Your Case

If you do not get medical care immediately, then try to file a claim later, you may have legal difficulties. If someone else was at fault in the accident, you are entitled to compensation. The moment you delay going to the hospital, you start creating loopholes that can be used against you. One can argue that you looked okay on the day of the accident, and that is why you did not get help. In addition, what proof will you have that your injuries resulted from that specific accident? Getting medical attention immediately eliminates all doubt.

Talk To a lawyer

Car accidents are common. But when injuries are involved, it is best to talk to personal injury attorneys. They can help you navigate all this process. It also becomes easier for them to defend you when you have records of going to the hospital on the same day you were involved in an accident.

As seen above, there are some dangers involved in not seeking treatment after an accident. There is no point in risking your health or claiming for a small mistake. Get yourself checked first, then follow up on other things like insurance later.