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5 Steps to Get a Title Bond

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If you are planning to go for buying a vehicle in Texas then title bond Texas becomes mandatory for you. It ensures title of ownership of a vehicle by the person who is going for this deal. A title agency bond, also known as the title agent bond, is a bond that gives surety for title insurance agencies. It is a legal agreement between three parties: the principal (who is the title agent or agency); the oblige (which is the department of a particular state that deals with licensing and needs a bond) and the surety (a back up company to finance the surety bond). This bond helps you keep away from agencies that do not abide by the regulations of the state for title agencies.  This bond is required before obtaining a title agency license.

In Texas, the cost of title bond varies in relation to the amount of a surety bond.

Steps to get a title bond Texas:

  1. Get in touch with your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Example: In Texas, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles issues vehicle titles for the entire Texas.
  2. Fill up and submit all necessary documents: Ensure that each document is duly signed by you to avoid any future inconvenience. Also support your primary documents with secondary documents, if required.
  3. Wait for the Approval: Once you sign the documents and submit according to a said date, the whole process of approval gets started. Your documents go to the main insurance office for a proper verification process and await approval.
  4. Buy a Security Bond: Once you are given a green go from the office after your documents’ verification, you can pay the said amount and buy the bond.
  5. Application for a Bonded Title: After you purchase a bond, you can simply apply for a bonded title agency bond.