June 20, 2024

Depending upon the analogies of the statistics and scientific studies, the U.S. divorce rate ranges somewhere between 30 and 50%. But one thing that is stable and consistent is the fact that the decision and actual finalization of divorce is never easy for anyone. Nonetheless, it is a reality of life that many people need to accept and prepare for. Divorce doesn’t label anyone as a failure. Instead, it’s often a smart and crucial decision to help regain control of your life and future happiness. However, deciding upon the right counsel can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, there are some simple and effective tips for selecting the right wilmington divorce lawyers for your needs.

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Consider Your Budget

Like any major life event, divorce often requires financial planning just to cover some upfront expenses. Each divorce is different and going in blind without an idea of the impending cost can prolong the divorce and lead to unnecessary stress or anguish. Michigan is a no-fault divorce state, so getting an uncontested divorce is relatively easy if both parties are on the same page. But if there’s contention or if children are involved, your divorce could average costing $13,000 with most of that in attorney fees. Consider your budget and go from there.

Know Your Needs and Expectations

Put together a checklist of your needs and expectations. How many kids do you have and is joint or shared custody an option? What assets or financial investments need to be divided? What are your joint creditors and amounts? Will you need alimony or are you the primary earner? These will be among the questions a competent Michigan divorce lawyer asks, so having a plan upfront can save time and money.

Consult with Friends, Family, and Associates

A strong support system is essential to anyone going through a divorce. And chances are, some adults in your support system have gone through their own–perhaps even recently. Most people who have gone through a divorce are willing to offer opinions, testimonials, and suggestions–many of which may result in saving a bundle of money, time, and stress. Discuss their opinions on their divorce attorney, ask for recommendations, and be open to advice and suggestions. The final choice is yours, but their insight may make the decision easier.

Interview and Notice Signs and Red Flags

Your divorce attorney needs to work for you from the beginning to the end of the divorce process. Once you’ve decided on the best contenders, begin interviewing them. Notice how the office is set up. Are there awards or certificates on the walls? How comfortable is the office? Does the attorney look professional and act respectfully? Are they willing to provide testimonials or contact information for low-profile clients? If a Michigan divorce lawyer looks shabby, has cheap surroundings, and doesn’t prioritize your time and communication needs, keep looking.

Do Your Research and Trust Your Gut

Divorce Law is an $11 billion industry with over 63,000 legal firms nationwide. But all divorce attorneys definitely aren’t equal. Do your research. If custody is a concern, contact the bar association to verify the credentials and experience of your top contender who specializes in family law. Pay attention to reviews and always trust your gut. Your future security depends on it and the right Michigan divorce lawyer can help you get there.