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5 Ways Hiring an Attorney can help you in your Non Subscriber Workplace Accident Case

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If you work for a non-subscriber employer who has dropped out of workers’ compensation insurance, you have an extra worry if you are injured on the job. Will your employer reward for your medical bills and lost wages? If not, can you make your employer make amends for you? The good news is that employees of non-subscriber companies have a right to recompense. However, you may need to keep possession of an attorney to fight for what you are qualified for.

Unluckily, most workplace injuries are much more severe, and you could be between jobs for months or longer—if you can return to work at all. Here’s why you require hiring an experienced workplace accident lawyer:

Understanding of the law: The law that applies to non-subscriber employers is complex and limits the defences an employer can lift up. For instance, an employer cannot declare that you were partly at fault in causing your accident to get away responsibility for your injuries. An experienced attorney who apprehends the law will be able to work out on a more suitable settlement for you.

Understanding of what your case is worth: An attorney will have experience sorting out cases same as yours and will be aware how much compensation you could be qualified for. If you attempt to settle your case yourself, your employer will most possibly make a lower offer and could claim you are not qualified to compensation for your pain and suffering which is not actually correct in non-subscriber employer cases.

Your Injuries are Critical: If your injuries are critical—particularly if you are for all time disabled—you require being specific that your entire future medical bills and lost wages are added in any settlement. These claims are very costly for employers and their insurance companies and they will fight forcefully to deny liability and the level of your injuries. You need an experienced attorney to fight to acquire the compensation you are qualified for.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions: If you had a pre-existing medical condition in the similar area of your body that was injured in a workplace accident, your employer may attempt to quarrel that you are not qualified to any compensation. This is not true, but you will not be able to usefully quarrel about this problem without an attorney.

Possible Third Party claims: You could have a claim against another party too your employer. For instance, if you were injured in a vehicle accident while driving for your job, the careless driver could be partly accountable for compensating you. These cases can get complex in terms of determining how much your employer and a third-party is accountable for paying you.

If you’ve been injured on the job and your employer is non-subscriber you require to speak with an experienced work injury attorney as soon as possible. Call Wagoner Law Firm to plan for your free consultation.