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6 Criminal defense tips from Fresno lawyer when falsely accused

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Nothing is worse than getting charged with a crime you didn’t commit. Severe accusations may land you up in jail, ruin your career and destroy your life forever. However, little smartness on your part may prevent all such ghastly occurrences and help you to prove innocent. The post below shares 6 Fresno Lawyer Criminal Defense Tips that will enable you to keep the case under your control even you are being falsely charged.

  1. Write down the whole story

First, you will note down everything related to the case or accusation. Maintain a neutral approach while writing and be as much detailed as possible. Write everything regarding witnesses, the person who is claiming to be the victim and your role in the incident. If you think any past event bears any resemblance to your present case, don’t forget to mention that as well. Then, if you can guess the victim’s motive behind his/her false claims against you- note that down too.

  1. Contact a seasoned criminal attorney in Fresno

As your case falls under the jurisdiction of Fresno, you have to consult a criminal lawyer who practices in the County. Make sure he is a seasoned criminal lawyer with excellent track record and huge expertise in dealing with your case. Criminal law is a vast umbrella. So, say, if you are charged under personal injury lawsuit, you have to consult a criminal lawyer who specializes in such lawsuits.

You should produce the entire written document to the lawyer. Do not hide anything from him, even if it is some kind of sensitive and confidential information. Hiding data from lawyer is one of the worst things you can do to your case.

  1. Don’t talk to anybody about the case

Do not try to prove your innocence to anybody, no matter how close the person is. Do not tell anything to police. You have the right to remain silent- respect that right. You will only discuss your case with your lawyer. However, if a family member or a friend, believes in your innocence, you can talk to him or her. But still for safety reasons, it’s better to keep the discussions only to yourself and your lawyer.

  1. Collect as much evidence possible

Try to gather as much evidence possible to make things work in your favor. You should produce all the evidences before your lawyer. The attorney will decide how and when to present what to prove your innocence. Do not expose the evidence to police or the victim or anybody else.

  1. Don’t contact victim

Do not contact the victim and to explain your innocence. Your actions may be interpreted as efforts to intimidate the victim. And such assumptions will critically ruin your chances at the court.

  1. Don’t contact witnesses yourself

You definitely have got a witness or a list of witness who can speak for you. But please, do not commit the mistake of contacting them on your own. Rather you should give the list of witness to your lawyer and he will take the best course of action.

If you find yourself falsely accused of a criminal charge, we will help you to build up the best defense