July 12, 2024

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The biggest mistake you could possibly make when hiring a criminal defense attorney is assuming that they are all the same, and hiring the very first one you come across. Hiring the cheapest is the second biggest mistake. You might actually have a better outcome defending yourself than you would with an incompetent defense attorney. Now, if you are facing criminal charges and want to hire the best criminal defense attorney in Akron, Ohio, here are several other mistakes to avoid.

  1. Hiring an defense attorney out of pressure

An attorney will do everything to convince you that they are the best in Akron, Ohio simply so you can hire them. However, don’t hire them because they are pressuring you, unless you are absolutely sure they are the best option. If they keep telling you to sign with them and asking you for your credit card information, just know that, they after their own interest more than yours.

  1. Hiring a defense attorney that guarantees victory

If a criminal defense attorney guarantees you to win, you had better run. You see, no one can predict any case, leave alone a criminal case. Anything can happen, new witnesses can immerge, and so can new evidence. This means that an attorney guaranteeing a win is only after your business, not your interest. The attorney should only suggest the possible outcomes and you can expect, in all case scenarios.

  1. Hiring an inexperienced defense attorney

This is by far the most common mistake people make. Understand that criminal charges are a serious case, and not something to be taken lightly. You cannot simply place your freedom in the hands of a person who have no idea what they are doing. Hire the most professional and the most experienced criminal attorney in Akron, Ohio that you can afford, so you can be sure you get the best possible outcome.

  1. Hiring An Attorney That Does Not Specialize In Criminal Cases

Hiring any attorney that is not a criminal defense attorney to defend you is a grave mistake. Criminal defense laws are extremely complex, and they change every so often, which means you need someone who specialized in them and is well aware about the changes. Do not hire an attorney out of the jurisdiction, because then, you will have more problems than solutions.

  1. Failing to ask for the attorney financial policy

Different criminal defense attorneys charge different rates for their services. It would be a mistake to assume they charge the same. Ensure you get to the bottom of all their charges, and their mode of payment. Compare prices when searching for the best one so you don’t drain yourself financially in the process.

  1. Hiring a Public Criminal Defender

Public attorneys do an incredible job, and this is not to discredit them. However, we can agree that most of the time they are underpaid, and overworked. It will hard for a public defender to give your case the amount of attention you would like to succeed. If you can afford a professional, and credible criminal defense attorney, then by all means, go for that.

These are some of the worst mistakes you could make, when hiring a criminal defense attorney in Ohio. Try to avoid as many as possible, or all of them if you can.