July 18, 2024

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A trademark is essentially a brand name. It generally includes a combination of a logo and slogan, aimed to denote a type of good or service that can be unique to a seller selling that particular good or service. We live in a consumerist society in the 21st century. The demand for consumer goods has been at an all-time high in this decade. Naturally, the brand-conscious generation would want some degree of assurance of the quality of products being purchased off the shelves. Trademark registration agencies today do, more than just that. Even in countries like Mexico, the government recognizes the value of registering trademarks of the company’s products

How does trademark registration service benefit your company:

In today’s’ world, the market is filled with many counterfeit products. The consumption of these products are harmful to the health of the consumer and is even considered a punishable act. In developing economies such as Mexico, you would require the help of genuine trademark registration agencies such as Bonamark to protect the intellectual rights to your product. This also provides you with significant additional substantive and procedural rights. These agencies perform a variety of tasks such as assistance in filling up an application for trademark registration, expert consultations, and professional legal support in the registration process. Bonamark has a transparent system of notification for all fees required as part of the official process. It even has a unique tracking system to observe and report any infringement of product name occurring in any other country. Upon expiry of validity, it will provide speedy renewal assistance.

New trends in Trademark marketing:

Nowadays, companies are moving over to more basic modes of brand intimation to customers.  For e.g., fragrance companies use their brand scent as a trademark. Since a human being can sense the fragrance of perfumes, the idea is widely being used to attract customers. Millennium trademarks also include fabric brands that are sewn to the edges of the fabric material signifying the quality of the cloth. All reputed textile brands are protected under trademark registration acts. Similarly, even color mark is eligible for registration under trademark. This will help even illiterate people to recognize brands for their authenticity. In the world of digital marketing, even sound clips are considered apt for registration under trademarks. This mode is commonly deployed by automobiles and fuel companies.