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A Guide to Hiring a GAO Bid Protest Attorney

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If you are someone who recently went through a business settlement and are not happy with it because the terms were not exactly favorable for you, a Bid Protest Attorney might be exactly what you need. It might have so happened that you feel that your lawyers could not prepare the best solicitation terms or the proposals were not evaluated properly, a bid protest attorney can help you sort all of that out and help you get a better deal. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a GAO Bid Protest Attorney –


  • The Protest Analysis


Bid protest attorneys will evaluate and analyze your GAO protest and come up with a percentage of success. They will help you plan the protest, taking you through the risks and rewards involved in your protest.


  • The Protest Research


Your GAO protest will need to be adequately researched, including previous cases that have been brought to the notice of the GAO. These cases are analyzed by a bid protest lawyers so that those can be cited to strengthen your argument.


  • The Protest Preparation


Filing a bid protest requires a lot of preparation. The protest document needs to be immaculately drawn up and needs to cite multiple laws and previous cases, something you would need a proper bid protest attorney for.


  •  The Protest Technical Review


Like almost all other legal formalities, filing a bid protest with the GOA is rather complicated. There are absurd deadlines and technicalities which usually get protests dismissed by the GAO. It is probably one of the most important reasons why you need a bid protest lawyer.

In the cutthroat competitive corporate world, it is very easy to get an unflattering deal. You might want to challenge the deals or terms of the deal with the GOA, and if there is one thing that you absolutely need to win your challenge, it is a bid protest attorney.