April 15, 2024

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It is not difficult to apply for h1b houston tx. For those who are eligible to apply for H1B, it is basically a process of paying for the purchase. As long as the material is not used up again, it is a matter of time before it is approved. For many undergraduate or master graduate students, DIY H1B can not only save thousands of fast legal fees, more importantly, it allows us to find more choices when we work, without the need to squeeze Into the big companies that sponsor H1B. If you only look at the big companies that provide job visas when you are looking for a job, you will miss a lot of good job opportunities. The United States has a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, providing thousands of jobs. Many companies may never have recruited foreigners or understand H1B policies. Therefore, when recruiting people, they generally do not speak about H1B (H1B). Sponsor).

However, from another perspective, the H1B work visa for employees only costs the company a few thousand dollars and several documents which are also known as(h1b签证材料) . This cost is very low from the company’s point of view. In addition, employees who have H1B visas lose their legal status as soon as they are fired. Therefore, you must connect with H-1B visa lawyer. Even if they change jobs, there are many inconveniences. Therefore, H1B employees generally work harder than other employees and have higher loyalty to the company. This is good for the company.
The H-1B immigration quota refers to the number that the U.S. Congress set to limit the number of H-1B usage each year. According to the Immigration Act, Congress’s quota for H-1B is to allocate 65,000 H-1B quotas for each fiscal year, and fiscal year refers to October 1 of each year to September 30 of the following year. In addition, each year, 20,000 places are reserved for foreign applicants who have a master’s or higher degree in the United States.

There are two ways to know the result of the drawh1b 抽签): (1) Bank cheques are cashed The drawing of lots does not mean that the applicants will be notified of the results immediately, some will be informed from the cashing of their bank cheques, but the cheque cashing process will still take time. Applicants can check the bank check status from next week to find out the news (2). Received immigration notice You will receive a confirmation email when you are being drawn. This process usually starts at least after mid-May and sometimes until October 1st. You should continue to check the bank account to understand the status of your application. Approve or add or reject: Many of the applicants will still experience the Immigration Department’s request for a replenishment or rejection of the letter of intent or refusal notice. This is because President Trump advocates the so-called policy of “employing Americans with US goods”. This year’s review should be more severe than in previous years.