October 5, 2023

Employers who have their employees on payroll are required to display federal, local and state labor law posters in the office. However, scammers also take the opportunity to pose as government officials only to press businesses to shell cash in exchange for pony posters. Known as poster scams, hundreds of firms already fell prey to their hands.

Now, you ask, how can you determine a legitimate compliance officer from a con artist?

First, verify their identifications

The thing with scam artists is they are good with concealing their ulterior motives. They may come across as intimidating so as to scare businesses and sell posters later. Their reasons could range from telling the one you have at the office is now outdated, to paying harsh penalties. HR departments can also receive scam emails saying they need to buy a new poster to avoid fines.

Now, it is easy to deter scammers once you realize the way they do things. Verify their identification first. If someone says he/she is from the government, ask for proof such as IDs. If you received an email, searching for the latest revisions in the internet helps you catch a scammer. Even better, hire a posting service for the labor law posters in the firm.

Lastly, they do not collect money

Legitimate companies do not threaten businesses on outdated posters. Instead, they will only inform you on the changes that took place in the state or the federal level. There are federal labor law posters that can be obtained for free, such as the OSHA. On the other hand, you will not have to worry about these matters when you partner with a posting service provider.

Lastly, compliance officers do not ask for money when inspecting your workplace. Notices are free of charge as given by the Department of Labor and other government agencies.

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