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Baby Bull Running In Marbella

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Are you ready to build some rare and prized memories on your next trip to Spain with The Spain Event Make sure you drop by Marbella for some absolutely unique encounters in the bullring. Marbella is the home of baby bull running, a celebrated and historic tradition that gives you a chance to get into a bullring. (Don’t worry, this event is absolutely free of animal cruelty.) Also known as the cape, this experience will send you scrambling from pillar to post for at least an hour as you’re pursued by a baby bull.

Stop By Marbella Or Estepona For The Best In Baby Bull Running

If you’re setting up a memorable stag night on the Costa del Sol or just looking for a way to impress your mates when you’re in Spain, you’ll earn plenty of respect by bringing your group into a bullring for a real challenge. Do you want to try your hand at one of the world’s most dangerous and dramatic performance sports? Your introductory lesson to being a matador might be just days away!

If you’re thinking of bullfighting as a grim sport that inevitably involves blood and pain – for either the men or the animals involved – you’ll be relieved to know that this event doesn’t involve harming any animals. It’s just an exhilarating and highly memorable way to spend a sunny afternoon in Spain – there’ll be laughter aplenty and perhaps a few refreshing drinks.

Bull running in Marbella is a cruelty-free sport. It’s organised and managed by animal lovers, so you needn’t worry about inadvertently contributing to animal abuse.

Put your bullocks to the test in Marbella’s bullring!

Pony up some cash for the Spanish Kicks Bull Run package and you’ll get to spend a unique afternoon in a bullring. Accoutrements include the traditional hat and cape for your party’s matador, authentic Spanish music, and a very outgoing young bull! This event is fun to experience and also a treat to watch. It’ll be the capstone of your adventures around Marbella, and you’ll get your chance to follow in the footsteps of the great Andalusian toreros.

If you elect to make your stop in the bullring an all-day affair, we can also arrange a delicious barbeque lunch including your choice of refreshments.