December 11, 2023

There are several statistical advantages to using a disability attorney when applying for disability benefits.

Firstly, according to data from the Social Security Administration (SSA), applicants who use a disability attorney are more likely to be approved for benefits. In 2020, the approval rate for applicants who had legal representation was 62%, compared to just 34% for those who applied on their own.

Secondly, using a disability attorney can speed up the application process. On average, applicants who use an attorney can have their case resolved in less time than those who do not. In 2020, applicants with legal representation had their cases resolved in an average of 325 days, compared to 498 days for those without representation.

Thirdly, disability attorneys can often help applicants receive higher benefit amounts. In 2020, the average monthly disability benefit was $1,277 for those with legal representation, compared to $1,095 for those without.

Additionally, disability attorneys can provide valuable assistance throughout the application process, including gathering medical evidence, preparing and submitting paperwork, and representing applicants at hearings and appeals.

It’s important to note that hiring a disability attorney does come with costs, as they typically work on a contingency basis and take a percentage of the back pay awarded if the applicant is approved for benefits. However, the statistical advantages of using an attorney may outweigh these costs for many applicants. Here is where we are, disability attorneys in Melbourne, FL have a capped amount that they can make from each case. The law is very firm in this type of case in order to make sure the applicant receives the overwhelming bulk of the payout.