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Can You Sell a House Involved in Boundary Disputes?

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In general, a buyer will take out ill not want to take on a mortgage for your property if it is associated with a dispute.   

Many disputes can affect the sale of your property.  This is why it is advisable to seek our boundary resolution service from a trained specialist such as a property surveyor.

There are some situations where you will be required to sell the house without a neighbor dispute. The situation is not that simple. It is challenging and is likely to involve:

A wall or fence owned by your neighbor raised on your land.

You cannot sell the property thanks to the ongoing or disputes that happened in the past.

Boundary disputes in the past that can be traced to 12 years or longer.

Boundary disputes are potential deterrents to buyers who solely depend on the mortgage.

What are the dominant five disputes that arise when selling a property with a boundary?

If you’re keen to sell a house with boundary disputes, your buyer is going to behave in the same as you would do in an identical situation. Therefore, any conflict with your neighbour will lead to a competitive advantage for them. Disputes with the immediate neither could be of a bitter experience for both the parties. Long-standing conflicts of egos can result in a protracted dispute. 

What are, then, the common neighborly disputes?

-Noise: It may be a late-night party or DIY at unusual hours or continuous argument between the members of a family. Noise is one of the prime reasons for a dispute between two neighboring parties. 

-Pet animals: Pets create tricky situations that need to be handled carefully. This is because the root cause is the animal and not the owner. In quite a few cases, the pet owner is culpable because not taking the responsibility to keep the animals quiet. A dog, for instance, may bark continuously because of hunger or he wants to go out.

-Children’s behavior: Boisterous children playing outside could be unpleasant for the neighbors if they do it at night. It can become a nuisance if children are causing harassment or trespassing on nearby properties. 

-Disputes arising due to the boundary of the property: Lack of agreement concerning the boundary of the property is another cause of property dispute. It can be because of an encroaching fence or the right of a driveway.  Intrusive parking of vehicles can also cause a problem between the parties. 

This is because each individual is sentimentally glued to their way of life. It may be that it is merely the because of the neighbor that they parked their vehicle on your parking space. However, it does not give them the right to do it as a matter of right. 

-Property has become an Eyesore: Visual problems with your property can include:

A part of the property that is not being taken care of properly

A garden looking like a bunch of bush – overgrown

Shrubs, etc. that have overgrown

A Japanese Knotweed that came from the neighboring property

Trash that has accumulated at the front of the property following renovation. 

Old home appliances such as refrigerators or washing machines, etc., left adjacent to the property.

These are standard examples of that cause visual unpleasantness on the part of the property owner. If the neighbors have some shrubs that have grown well to your property only to make it lose sunshine, it is one of the noisiest instances. 

In such a case, you’re right to sell the branches and drop them in the neighbors’ garden. However, it is sensible to exercise restraint. 

If you’re planning to buy the property and find that there’s a dispute arising out of the boundary, you may do your own research.  You can check the official website of Garden Law where even long-standing disputes are amicably settled.